Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

"I would like to thank Steele and specifically Michael for their excellent care and assistance with my cousin. Michael was very passionate and compassionate for our situation and made the entire process calm and smooth to put my cousin to rest. I am forever grateful and highly recommend their services to everyone. Thank you."


We dealt with Michael a lot in the last six months as we lost both our parents very close together. Plus we live in Michigan and had to handle most matters over the phone. He was always professional and prompt. His manners are impeccable! (I’m sure his parents would be proud of him!) We highly recommend this funeral home family."


"Simply outstanding awesome people. Thank you Steele's."


"My grandmother passed unexpectedly and had to plan her funeral at the last min. Michael was thorough and professional during this process. He made it very easy for my family while delivering a beautiful burial for my grandmother. I am very pleased and recommend Steeles for planning funeral arrangements."


"I am so thankful for Michael. He was there the whole time helping my daughter and myself plan my husband's services. He answered all of our questions. He is truly amazing. Thank you Michael."

Casey Tomlinson

"Services provided were as good as it could get at a not so good time in my life."

Alan Lane

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in making my mom look really good for her funeral services. Although I know it must really be difficult in working with a deceased person, to make them look like they did in life; I believe you did as well as it could be done. 

Thank you for your professionalism and also your concern for the family. You were a real blessing in some of your financial considerations, of which we are so grateful. I certainly would recommend and have recommended Steele's Family Funeral Services."

Pastor Mark

"My wife passed away at home after a long battle with cancer. The staff was pleasant and helpful on the phone. The gentleman who picked up the body was patient and respectful. The staff onsite was helpful and professional. The remains were available for pickup 48 hours later. Well done for a reasonable cost. Thank you!"


“Although losing a loved one is always very difficult to have to experience, Steele's Family Funeral Services have always been very pleasant to deal with in these trying times. Our family has used Steele on four separate occasions. We have always been well pleased with the services provided by them. Bill and Susan are very kind, helpful, understanding, sympathetic and our wishes and requests were always honored. We will most certainly continue using Steele as our funeral service provider in the future.”

Charles and Mary W

"I would highly recommend Steele's Family Funeral Services. I don't live in the area and handled my situation by long-distance. I called early on a Saturday morning and they called me back just as soon as they got the message. They were right with it and so nice to work with and very compassionate. They were so willing to do whatever I needed from them. They were recommended to me by someone else and I'm so glad that I took their recommendation to use Steeles Family Funeral Services."


"I was recommended to Steele’s by Florida Mortuary in Tampa (where we used to live) and after talking to Michael at 2am the first time, I was comforted that this was a good choice. He led me through the steps that needed to be taken and updated me on everything as soon as he had something. While we didn’t have the service there, we did most everything else, from death certificates to picking out the most beautiful urn. I was very comfortable and pleased with the compassion and care I received."


"Everyone at Steele’s made a bad experience easy and in a caring way. I will sing their praises to all."


"Michael is the best! Very caring and very patient. He will work with you in anyway he can. Very knowledgeable about everything. Without him my mom and I would have been lost with everything going on. He stepped up and made sure everything got taken care of. By far the best!"


"Perfect mix of Professionalism and Compassion. The staff helped us cope with a difficult time in our lives."

RC Field

"Michael was professional and sympathetic of the needs for our family. He was a great help in making aware of the process and what and when to expect each step to be completed. In a time of confusion, emotional ups and downs, and an unknown process Michael brought an ease to the families worries with a confidence that this would be done in a respectful and professional manner."

Paul Jones

"I highly recommend Steele Family Funeral Services. Funeral Director Michael Sanders was very kind and professional. This was my first time dealing with this experience and he was very helpful every step of the way. Made it more comforting knowing I could trust my loved one was in great care. I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart."


"Michael Sanders has given us such a great experience taken us through my mothers death process. He was so kind and caring throughout the process. I would recommend using Steele’s Family Funeral for your needs."


"So graceful with our loss. Professional. Can tell they really care and sympathize."


“Fortunately, it's not every day that you need the services of a funeral director. But if and when that day of need arrives you want to be able to call on someone with the compassion, professionalism and experience to see you through such a challenging time. From personal experience I can attest that Bill and Susan Steele of Steele's Family Funeral Services approach their mission with kindness, carefulness and caring.”

Tom O